Beyond The Farthest Bounds Of Earth

1984 Songbook Section: 
God the Father: Works
1984 Songbook Number: 

Verse 1
Beyond the farthest bounds of earth,
Beyond the ocean's line,
Beyond the starlit universe
We sense a power divine.

Verse 2
The lines and circles, planes and arcs
Which we by science trace
All indicate a master mind,
Its beauty, truth and grace.

Verse 3
Like searching eyes earth's telescopes
The fiery heavens scan;
And now the music of the spheres
Is heard by listening man.

Verse 4
Lord, as we seek for vaster truth,
And as our spaceships soar,
Help us to recognize your might
And praise your mercy more.

Verse 5
For you, who set the ordinance
Of worlds beyond our sight,
Have given us minds desiring truth
And hearts that know delight.

Verse 6
Lord, teach us in your only Son
To reach the way we dream,
To follow truth as he knew truth,
And find the life supreme.