Eternal God Our Song We Raise

2015 Songbook Section: 
Our Response to God > Worship > Praise and Adoration
2015 Songbook Number: 
1984 Songbook Section: 
God the Father: Person and Praise
1984 Songbook Number: 
Biblical References: 
Ezra 3:11-13

Verse 1
Eternal God, our song we raise
In thankful, overflowing praise,
For men of faith whose power was thine,
Whose love no barrier could confine;
They humbly offered Christ their bread,
And lo, the multitudes were fed!

Verse 2
We thank thee for the fruitful years,
The sacred gains of toil and tears,
For mighty works through weakness wrought,
For souls who led in deed and thought;
They followed Jesus in the light
And their loud anthems thrilled the night.

Verse 3
O may no longing of our own
Obscure the path by Jesus shown!
We would not thirst for earth's reward
And lose the blessing of our Lord:
His cup of pain and grief and strife
That yieldeth up the gift of life.

Verse 4
Our Father, we beseech thee now:
Receive again our first pure vow
To stand though fire and tempest rage,
Nor fear the terrors of our age,
To love thee with a constant mind
And lose ourselves to save mankind.

Verse 5
Our great Redeemer liveth still,
His love sustains us in they will
Because he conquered, we shall win,
His cross before, his joy within;
Our cheerful banners are unfurled,
For Christ has overcome the world.