The Great Physician Now is Near

2015 Songbook Section: 
The Eternal God > God The Son > The Name of Jesus
2015 Songbook Number: 
1984 Songbook Section: 
The Lord Jesus Christ: Name
1984 Songbook Number: 
Biblical References: 
Matthew 9:12

Verse 1
The Great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus;
He speaks, the drooping heart to cheer;
O hear the voice of Jesus!

Sweetest note in seraph song,
Sweetest name on mortal tongue,
Sweetest carol ever sung:
Jesus! blessed Jesus!

Verse 2
Your many sins may be forgiven;
O hear the voice of Jesus!
Go on your way in peace to Heaven,
And wear a crown with Jesus.

Verse 3
All glory to the risen Lamb,
I now believe in Jesus!
I love the blessed Saviour's name;
I love the name of Jesus.

Verse 4
His name dispels my guilt and fear;
No other name but Jesus!
O how my soul delights to hear
The precious name of Jesus!