Never Fades the Name of Jesus

2015 Songbook Section: 
The Eternal God > God The Son > The Power and Glory of Jesus
2015 Songbook Number: 
1984 Songbook Section: 
The Lord Jesus Christ: Name
1984 Songbook Number: 
Biblical References: 
Psalm 72:17

Verse 1
Never fades the name of Jesus,
Nor is dimmed by passing time.
Jesus' name is everlasting,
For its meaning is sublime,
Jesus' name brings joy and gladness,
Daily sending forth new life;
In his name there's power to gather
Souls of men from ways of strife.

How I love the name of Jesus!
He has set my heart aflame!
I have found a great salvation
Through the merits of his name.

Verse 2
Beautiful the name of Jesus;
Let it echo round the earth,
For to weary, hopeless nations
Jesus' name has matchless worth.
Hate at last must yield to Jesus,
Sinfulness before him flee;
Through his name shall truth and justice
Reign again to make men free.

Verse 3
In the night his dear name shineth
Like a lighthouse evermore,
Guiding lonely shipwrecked seamen
Safely to salvation's shore.
When the sun's last rays are fading,
Into darkness spread his fame,
Till the ransomed hosts in Heaven
Sing the praises of his name.